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Welding Clamps 0-2.5MM

Welding Clamps 0-2.5MM

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Welding Clamps - Zinc

For quick and easy fixing of sheet metal for welding or bonding.
Wurth Patented Product

- Quick fastening and loosening clamps for enormous time savings in comparison to impact or screw clamps.
- Most economical alternative to conventional vise grip pliers.
- Large clamping range in comparison to clamp size, owing to their small size (cor responding to a door seal); gap dimensions can be set without effort.
- No cumbersome loosening or opening of clamps.
- Readjustment of sheet metal possible at any time without problem.
- The special angled shape of the pliers allow universal use of the clamps.
- Use clamps in tight spaces, such as: Trunk edges, hatchback, door columns, triangular windows, etc.

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