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About Us

WURTHTOOL.COM was founded as a subsidiary of Wurth USA in 2020 as an online shop catered to technicians and hand tool enthusiasts around the United States of America.  As we serviced industry professionals covering the automotive, construction, metal, government entities and many other industries, we found a need to not only provide incredible tool solutions to these professionals but to tool enthusiasts and project hobbyists as well.

WURTHTOOL.COM  was developed to provide professional-grade tools at an affordable price so anyone with the passion to be hands-on may do so with quality work.



Wurth USA was established in 1969 and swiftly became one of the leading suppliers of high-quality automotive parts, products and services. Our extensive catalog of hardware, chemicals, fasteners, hand tools and more provides our customers with everything they need to succeed. Small body shops and nationwide fleet maintenance companies alike benefit from unparalleled selection and unbeatable service that is synonymous with the international Würth brand.

If you’re an industry professional with a business that would benefit by working with Wurth USA, please visit https://www.wurthusa.com/becomeCustomer/register to fill out our customer application.