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Top Gun (Cleaning Gun)

Top Gun (Cleaning Gun)

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Top Gun (Cleaning Gun)

The new Wurth Top Gun Cleaning Gun is a new and unique way to clean almost any surface using a combination of air pressure mixed with chemical product.

Included in the package:

  • Top Gun Cleaning Gun
  • Multi-lingual instruction manual 
  • Replacement pick-up tube
  • Replacement aerating nozzle tube
  • Sealing cap

Improved technology for better performance

  • Ball-bearing drive creates a vortex effect
  • Air and cleaning agent supply can be manually adjusted
  • Dirt is lifted by the resulting suction
  • Articulated connection for more flexible handling (optimum for places that are difficult to reach)
  • Top Gun container holds the recommended amount of 1000ml


Cleans more thoroughly and effectively

  • Micro-atomization results in effective use of cleaning agent
  • Dirt is removed extremely quickly
  • For use with many Wu?rth cleaning agents

Warranty: Limited warranty. View details.

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