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STA-BIL Diesel All-Season 20 Fl Oz

STA-BIL Diesel All-Season 20 Fl Oz

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STA-BIL® Diesel All-Season is an advanced all year formula for all your diesel
additive needs. It cleans and lubricates fuel injectors, provides anti-gel protection
down to -40 degrees Fahrenheit and also boosts cetane. This product is safe for all
diesel engines and it comes packaged in an easy pour, non-slip, 20-ounce bottle
that treats up to 150 gallons of fuel.

• Advanced year-round formula for all your additive needs
• Cleans and lubricates entire fuel system
• Demulsifies water
• Anti-gel protection down to -40°F
• Boosts Cetane
• Safe for all diesel engines

Usage Directions
• Pour contents of bottle into tank before fill-up to aid mixing with fuel.
• Over treatment, use of entire bottle or more frequent use is safe and will not
harm engine.
• Promptly clean up spills from vehicle finish. Do not use in gasoline engines.

Warranty: Limited warranty. View details.