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Hole Saw Kit - 16 Pieces (19mm to 76mm)

Hole Saw Kit - 16 Pieces (19mm to 76mm)

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  • Extremely fast sawing progress with minimal expenditure of force
  • Newly developed tooth shape
  • High concentric and side-stroke precision
  • Sturdy base plate with more threads
  • Very calm and low-vibration work up to a cutting depth of 38mm
  • Combination Vario teeth made of M42 bi-metal (8% cobalt)


Pre-drill using light contact pressure. Continue drilling with minimal, even pressure; avoid oscillating while drilling, heed speed table and use coolant. Allow hole saw to “air” when using in wood and wood-replacement materials. For frequent use in steel and stainless steel, we recommend using our HW hole saws.

Not suitable for thin sheet metal.

Materials to be processed

  • Suitable for steel, stainless steel, cast iron, copper, bronze, aluminum, wood and plastic.

Warranty: Limited warranty. View details.