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Heat Gun 1200 Watts

Heat Gun 1200 Watts

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Economy Heat Gun

- Spot dry paint and primers- Remove weather stripping without damage to doors
- Soften vinyl tops to stretch material over short areas and remove wrinkles and bubbles
- Soften undercoating for easy removal
- Remove and replace decals
- Speed cure body fillers & cements
- Thaw frozen door locks, radiators
- Loosen rusted fittings
- Shrink seat covers for a perfect fit
- Apply shrink tubing
- Remove adhesive backed side mouldings

Features:- Two heat settings: 500ºF &?1000ºF
- Lightweight, 1 lb., easy to hold for long periods of time
- Built-in hand guard
- UL listed, safety agency tested & approved for user safety
- Thermoplastic case for high impact durability
- Built-in stand, very stable, allows user to set heat gun down in an upright position

Warranty: Limited warranty. View details.