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FRA-2001 Computer Driven Code Machine

FRA-2001 Computer Driven Code Machine

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Our FRA-2001 Computer Driven Code machine is the ultimate code cutter for those involved with cylinder or automotive work. Coupled with the Genericode code retrieval software, the FRA-2001 becomes a “code cutting station” where you can generate keys
for master keying purposes or do a progression for an automobile.

• Lookup and generate a key by code number (G-code contains utility, vehicle, padlock, flat steel, antique auto and Illinoi/Chicago double sided key codes)
• Originate a key by manufacturer
• Store previously cut keys in the History database for future retrieval
• View up to 24 different key blank numbering systems
• Cross reference keys by manufacturer
• Progress automotive keys when fitting a key to a vehicle
• Lookup and originate vehicle and motorcycle keys by year, make & model

These are just a few of the many things you can do with Genericode and the FRA-2001 code machine. When purchased, you will also be able to install G-ode on two additional computers in your shop or work vans.



SKU Description
170229040 Good: Standard Cutting Wheel
170223620 Better: Coated Cutting Wheel
170223625 Best: Carbide Cutting Wheel for Steel Keys
170223616  Shoulder Stop

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