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CleanMaster #200 Stationary Parts Washer Bin - 30 Gallons

CleanMaster #200 Stationary Parts Washer Bin - 30 Gallons

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Fountain Industries has built a 30 gallon stationary parts washer bin that comes on a mountable stand. The 35" x 26.5" bin and removable inside shelf allow you to clean large and small parts alike, in a comfortable environment. The stay-put flexible hose sprays a petroleum solvent with a flash point over 100° F onto your parts at a continuous rate for maximum cleaning efficiency.

• For use with petroleum solvents with a flash point over 100° F.
• Not to be used with chlorinated solvents.
• Screened sludge filter pad prevents nuts, bolts, other stray parts and even large metal shavings from falling into the tank.
• Spring loaded door closure with 165° F fusible link for fire protection.
• Large built-in drain port with plug allows for quick removal of waste from tank.
• Inside cabinet shelf can be removed for larger parts cleaning.

Warranty: Limited warranty. View details.