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Cartridge Grease Gun

Cartridge Grease Gun

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Cartridge Grease Gun



Grease Gun


- Twin-lock system prevents dummy lubrication and grease leakage at piston
- Includes metal pipe and rubber hose
- Use only in accordance with instructions
- Suitable for Art. # 0890 402
1. Unscrew gun head
2. Draw back handle
3. Remove both grease cartridge (max. 400g/14 oz.) covers and insert in gun
4. For bulk grease (max. 500g/16 oz.) draw back handle 5cm/2 in., fill and repeat
5. Screw on gun head
6. Press clamping lever
7. Push plunger rod into gun
8. Open valve

1. Precision steel pump mechanism, no false lubrication, no wearing seals.
2. Short-stroke feed system, grease feed possible at any opening angle, two inlet openings, good grease flow even at low temperatures.
3. Filling and bleeding valve. Filling possible with cartridges, loose grease and with filling unit.
4. Dosing scale for controlled grease outflow.
5. Grease and oil-resistant special sealing piston.
6. Rugged precision pipe.
7. Ergonomically shaped safety handle.
8. Anti-slip knurled marking in handle area.
9. Closed piston-rod handle.
10.Locking system - stepless, anti-slip piston rod locking - no accidental triggering!
Design complies with German standard DIN 1283 (M10x1) and is Tüv/GS, BLT and DLG-tested.

Warranty: Limited warranty. View details.