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Aktiv-Clean Aerosol 1.06 pt (500 ml)Fruit-Scented Intensive Active Foam Spot and Stain Remover



16.9 fl. oz. Aerosol


This product removes spots and stubborn stains on upholstery, textiles and leather surfaces. The special active foam formulation provides outstanding dirt removing power while being gentle to the surface being cleaned.


Micro-fine active foam (vacuum effect)
- Foam remains on the surface and actively extracts the dirt by the action of foam bubbles bursting
- Outstanding dirt dissolving power
- No soaking of upholstery, thus no long drying times

Gentle to surfaces being cleaned
Does not contain phosphate or organic solvents; AOX-free

- Potential danger of daily use is reduced
- No hazardous substance identification required

pH-value: 8.2
Silicone FREE
Phosphate FREE

Instructions for use
Shake can thoroughly before use. Spray Aktiv-Clean onto a clean, dry cloth and wipe over the surface of the stain or spot. For textiles and upholstery, allow foam to take effect for a short time, and if neccessary, remove any dirt with a brush or sponge. Protect from frost.


These instructions are only recommendations which are based on our experience. We advise preliminary testing before use.

Warranty: Limited warranty. View details.