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Murphy's Tire Paste 8-lb pail

Murphy's Tire Paste 8-lb pail

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Murphy's Original Concentrated Tire and Tube Mounting Compound is designed to assist in mounting rubber tires and tubes on all types of wheels. It is fortified with rust inhibitors to provide protection against wheel corrosion. Murphy's mild formula is worker friendly. Murphy's Tire and Tube Mounting Compound is a thick, vegetable based lubricant. Murphy's can be used in its concentrated form or diluted in water (3-4 parts water, 1 part Murphy's).


  • Totally safe for all tires
  • Economical when diluted
  • No petroleum oils of any kind
  • Ultra-thick concentrate for excellent performance when packing beads
  • Amber color
  • Moderate rust inhibition
  • Mild Citrus Odor
  • Non-Flammable

Multiple Uses:

Concentrated - Packs beads better than any other product due to its excellent adhesion, ultra-thick consistency and the fact that it doesn't separate.Hard-to-mount tires go on easily when you use Murphy's in its concentrated state.

Diluted - Add Murphy's to water (1 part Murphy's and 3-4 parts water), mix slowly or let it sit overnight to have a superior, environmentally friendly and economical tire mounting liquid lube.

Excellent for general purpose tire mounting and de-mounting applications, General Rubber Lubricant Eliminates squeaks