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303® Graphene Nano Spray Coating™ 15.5 Fl.

303® Graphene Nano Spray Coating™ 15.5 Fl.

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303® Graphene Nano Spray Coating™ is a Graphene Oxide-based coating
that provides a high level of protection lasting up to 12 months. This product also
lowers surface temperature, which will reduce the amount of hard water spots
you get on your car’s paint. It also features a high-water contact angle, producing
substantial hydrophobic properties that keep the water from sticking to your paint.
Following application, the paint will also have enhanced gloss and clarity.

Compared to others in the market, the main differentiation of this product is the
combined durability and protection, along with how simple and easy it is to use!
It bonds to the surface without prior paint correction or decontamination and is
difficult to mess up the application. Sprayed it on and let it sit too long, or missed
a spot when buffing it off? No problem, just come back and buff the remaining
product off. No need for machine correction of high spots. It can also be applied
in direct sunlight. Applying it in direct sunlight can make the application process
easier, as the heat helps the product cure faster. It can be used on multiple surfaces,
including paint, glass, wheels, trim, and more!

• 1+ year of premium protection
• Lowers surface temperature, reducing water-spotting
• High water contact angle, sheds water quickly
• Can be applied on black paint or in direct sunlight
• Great for use on chrome, wheels, trim, and glass

Usage Directions
Ensure paint is clean and dry before applying product. If desired, correct your
car’s paint before applying, but this is not necessary for the product to fully bond
to the paint. Spray onto a microfiber or foam applicator. Apply to the surface in a
crisscross pattern to ensure complete coverage. After application, allow product to
cure and haze white, then buff off with a clean, dry microfiber towel. After buffing,
no cure time is needed before being introduced to water.